Integrated PV manufacturing across the value chain – Vision of Sand to Power Technology

Lanco Solar is fast gaining reputation as one of the best quality PV panel & module manufacturers in India. The products and services offered by Lanco Solar include top quality PV modules manufactured in India, PV system installation comprising off-grid and on-grid rooftops and ground mount solar farms. Lanco Solar is known for uncompromising quality, efficient service and to offer best PV panel at a very competitive price in India.

Based on the ‘sand to power’ strategy, Lanco Solar is setting up a fully-integrated PV panels manufacturing project for manufacture of high-quality polysilicon, silicon ingots/ wafers and modules in a 250 acre SEZ at Chhattisgarh, India. The state-of-the-art plant boasts of many ‘firsts’ in India – crack-free modules, being one among them. The project, which is being built with latest technology and engineered by leading global players, has a production capacity of 1800 TPA of Polysilicon, 300MWp/ year of ingots and wafers, high efficiency solar cell panels and modules. The first phase of this project is being implemented with a total cost of US$ 300 million.


  • Cell line capable of handling both mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline wafers.
  • High-precision, high-productivity wire saws to turn ingots into thin wafers of 180 -230 micron thickness to ensure the highest quality.
  • Latest equipment and technology sourced to produce high-efficiency cells.

Added advantages

  • An automated PV panels manufacturing line in India to obtain high productivity and quality at affordable cost.
  • Our PV module manufacturing plant in India is ISO 9000; ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 certified. Also certified by TUV and Intertek.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions across the globe.
  • Partnerships with leading global suppliers, PV manufacturers & PV system installers.